Diving into sap.uxap: the Object Page Layout

Deep within the SAPUI5 and OpenUI5 toolkits lies a rather interesting library. Sat in a dimly lit corner, overshadowed by the all-singing, all-dancing sap.m, you notice it peering at you; beckoning you to explore… Late one Sunday you strike up the courage and prepare to embark on your journey. You take the first step. You open up the library and exclaim:”What on earth is an Object Page Layout!?”

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A local UI5 development setup with HTTPS, per-application proxying and resources configuration

Setting up a local UI5 development environment

It’s 2017. The world is moving to the cloud and the typical developer work environment is as well. There’s now a plethora of Web based IDE’s that promise to provide a better workflow than anything ever experienced. However, there is still value in having a properly configured, performant local development environment. From being able to use your favorite text editor, introducing custom tools in the build process or even coding in an airplane. This is an opinionated guide on how it should be done.

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Developing Shell Plugins for the SAP Cloud Portal

Last year at the first UI5con in Frankfurt I gave a talk about Building Site Templates for the SAP Cloud Portal with UI5 and the Web IDE. Part of that talk was about developing a Shell Plugin for the SAP Fiori Launchpad. With the current openSAP course Building Portal Sites on SAP Cloud Platform this topic is very relevant again. In this post I want to show you how to develop a Shell Plugin.

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Hello, MUD World!

Welcome to the new home on the web for Bluefin Solutions‘ Mobile, User Experience and Development Centre of Excellence in the UK! We’re happy with our new home where we can share insight, wisdom and opinion with you on all manner of topics in the SAP technology ecosphere and beyond.

For more information, please see the ‘About‘ page. Meanwhile, there are already some posts from some of our members, for your reading pleasure - on development, user experience and more!